About Painted Wombat

The philosophy of Painted Wombat Fine Arts Preschool is based on the belief that a child's natural love of learning can be encouraged through interactive and engaging fine arts.  Children’s curiosity and creativity can be the catalyst to developing fine and gross motor skills through exciting hands-on educational opportunities including art, music and physical fitness.  Our program is designed to provide a stimulating environment where children can explore their creative ideas and experiment with a variety of mediums. 

Painted Wombat Fine Arts Preschool's programs allow for both group and individual learning experiences designed to foster greater development of the whole child. The program will encourage a love of learning through arts and allow the little learners the freedom to creatively express themselves and nurture their curiosity.  Each learning centre is kept both interesting and challenging with the use of seasonal and child-oriented artistic themes.  Our activities, both structured and un-structured, are designed to allow children to express themselves through art on their own, or in groups.  This creates a positive atmosphere where children learn how to take risks, develop motor skills as well as enhance necessary social and emotional skills needed for kindergarten. They will learn, be adventurous, play, grow and, above all else, have fun!




Shauna Gross holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as an Elementary Education degree from Thompson Rivers University.  From a young age Shauna has loved art, being creative and working with children.  With Painted Wombat Fine Arts Preschool she is excited to combine all three of these and can't wait to share her love of art with others.  After University Shauna taught children's art classes at the Kamloops Art Gallery, as well as  in schools.